Saturday, 19 October 2013


Sorry for the really late post it, I will admit I was distracted by something other than drawing, so sorry again! But...I have been doodling and planning for future projects so I have quite a bit to show you! :)

Lets start with future/current projects...

Below is a preview in to an ongoing illustration, I will be doing quite a lot of digital work until I can get my hands on a new scanner, so a lot of adapting will have to be done until then.


Now to the best bit I have teamed up with a friend (His facebook page can be found here and website here) and I am currently working on a few illustrations based on some short stories he has written, at the moment it's just a personal project but I am really excited to be illustrating some unique written work!

Below is a little sketch of one of the main characters featured in these stories (more on this in the next time)

And now here are the promised doodles. Enjoy!

Sophisticated foxes - part of an ongoing mini project 'Sophisticated Animals'

Left: image for #saturdayscribbles over on twitter   Right: Doodle of Morticia Addams
Another image for #saturdayscribbles

And finally some Halloween themed images (more to come!)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A little project

This past week or so I have been working on a commission/project for friend as I mentioned in previous posts, this was to produce a banner and icon for a YouTube channel he is planning to start. Recently I completed the biggest of the two requested images and thought I would post the step by step process from start to finish, this will only be a brief post since I don't want to bombard you with repetitive imagery.

Bare in mind that this was produced entirely using Manga Studio EX4, an odd choice for the kind of colouring I was doing but it all worked out fine, so without further ado here ya go. Enjoy! :3


Beginning of the line work

The background (decided it would be best to get the biggest part done earlier rather than later)

Final background minus line work

Beginning of the colouring process and small details

Preview of the final image (I will be posting links to the channel it will be displayed on when  it's up and running)

[I know these past posts have been a tad brief and a bit on the boring side, I will try to come up with something more interesting for next time, and possibly have heaps of sketches and finals for you to see!]

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Let there be cake!

Just a quick update on what has happened since last weeks entry... :)

 I completed and posted my contribution to the #twitterartexhibit! Very proud of it considering it has been a while since I last painted using inktense. It's a great medium to use and very vibrant, although the colour doesn't really do it justice in the photo....

These animal characters are frequenting my work more and more, which brings me on to the commission I have been working on, this has provided me with a little respite from their antics...

...and has given me the chance to draw the elusive 'Space Narwhal', this lil' guy is only a small part of something even crazier so stay tuned for more updates on this...which may even be this Saturday!

And to end this relatively brief update, I have spent the past few days baking! I usually end up doing this when I have a lot on my mind and need a distraction or whenever I'm bored...either way something good comes out of it...which are these glorious cakes!

Enjoy! :3

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Postcard Goodness!

Been quite busy this week with a fun commission as well as trying to complete my entry for #twitterartexhibit so I can post it by the end of the week. So this is just a brief update showing you a few doodles and progress images of what I've done so far. Enjoy! :3

Commission: Some doodles I have done so far, nothing final. The brief was to create a banner and a portrait image to be used for a youtube channel. So far I am working on the portrait image while doing a few scribbles for the banner.

Postcard: So I decided to take part in #twitterartexhibit, which has been tons of fun to do. I am almost finished, just a few more small details to do. Here are some progress images of what I have so far (The colours are a little off on the last image, camera didn't really like the light and flash made it worse):

Expect more doodles/sketches in future posts and hopefully a procreate recording or two if I have the time :3

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Much doodling to be done

Still been quite busy since the last update, but in the meantime while I get back on track here are some illustrations/doodles I have done in the past few days along with recordings from procreate. Expect quite a few more in the future as I get used to this part time job!

Enjoy! :3

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Woofington...Arthur Woofington...

Been quite a busy few days due to starting my part time job, haven't had the time to do much work due to a lot of stuff I needed to sort out but hopefully next week will be a lot better.

Last week I had been working on a little brief set by my old uni friends, we met up a week or so ago and set each other briefs (picked randomly out of a hat) to be completed by the following Sunday. I picked Make an animal from rubbish (3D), which was a really fun brief to do, I had never made something from rubbish before so it took me quite a while to figure what materials I should use and whether they were considered 'rubbish'.

Below: Here is the final result, he is made from 1 toilet roll tube, old plastic bags, lolly sticks, scrap paper, left over paper plates and scrap ribbon. I have named him Arthur Woofington or just Woofington :)

This was a really challenging brief but worth it in the end, I now have a cute and interesting ornament for my bookshelf!

Hope you enjoy the photos, apologies for my bad photography skills!
(Hopefully next weeks entry won't be as short)